E.C.O. latex

Latex is recommended by chiropractors and orthopedists for its ability to provide outstanding comfort and support to the spine
•  Fully enclosed stretch knit cover protects the topper and makes it
    easy to move and flip over. 
•  Breathable and hypoallergenic
•  Durable + maintains its shape and doesn't sag over time

Mattress Toppers on

7 Zone memory foam

U.S. manufactured premium memory foam relieves pressure points, cradles your body and helps to reduce tossing and turning
•   Delicate patterns cut into the memory foam provide different levels
    of comfort for different parts of your body. 
•   Open Cell Memory Foam dissipates heat more rapidly and allows
    better air flow than traditional memory foam


Restore-A-Mattress combo topper

Restore & Enhance your current mattress! Wake up feeling rejuvenated with a cooler and more even sleep surface. Add a firm layer of high density polyurethane foam between your existing mattress and your plush gel memory foam comfort layer. The firm foam layer provides a new, even support base to your existing mattress, eliminating depressions , soft spots and worn sections.


Unwrap. Unroll. Reshape.

Toppers are shipped to you in a box that is easy to fit through your door. It is compressed, rolled and sealed in a protective bag for shipping convenience. Our sleep products quickly return to their original shape so you can sleep on them that same night!


Remove the sealed bag.
Be careful not to cut the foam.

Gently unroll and 
unfold if necessary.


Allow time for topper to
naturally regain its original shape.