memory foam maximum comfort and less tossing turning pressure temperature sensitive contour body pressure points less discomfort luxury premium layers made in usa finest ingredients care and quality foam combinations quick ship directly to your door

 Memory Foam Mattresses

Pressure and temperature sensitive memory foam contours to your body and helps to reduce pressure points that cause discomfort and tossing & turning. Enjoy the comfort and luxurious feel of premium memory foam.


Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam infused with gel incorporates the latest in sleep technology to provide the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam, with the cooling and heat dissipation benefits of gel.


Reversible Mattresses

Our Reversible Comfort® foam mattresses use the original cushioning comfort sleep surface to reduce tossing and turning and provide outstanding support. The reversible & lightweight construction allows the mattress to be easily flipped over for use on either side allowing for increased longevity and comfort.


Natural Latex Mattresses

Experience the plush support of Natural Latex: nature’s best sleep surface. Latex conforms to the body for exceptional orthopedic support and pressure relief without the ‘sinking-in’ feeling of memory foam. Made with natural latex from rubber trees, Eco-Friendly Latex is renewable and sustainable.


Lifestyle Specialty Mattresses

Whatever sleep solution you are searching for, Select Luxury® has the product you need. Some of our specialty products include: Mattresses and toppers for RV’s, Sofa-Beds, and Bunk Beds. Everyone deserves a luxurious night’s sleep.


Unwrap. Unroll. Reshape.

Mattresses are shipped to you in a box that is easy to fit through your door. It is compressed, rolled and sealed in a protective bag for shipping convenience. Our sleep products quickly return to their original shape. Allow your mattress to lie flat for 72 hours to aid in its full recovery from shipping. It may take the full 72 hours to return to its full dimensions and firmness. However, you may sleep on it right away.


Remove the sealed bag.
Be careful not to cut the foam.

Gently unroll and 
unfold if necessary.

Allow time for mattress to
naturally regain its original shape.